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The Only Exception Chapter 6
Chapter 6
School sucks. And when the teacher in your favorite class seems to hate you, that’s even worse. That’s how it was in U.S. History. I usually loved learning about how our country was created, but that also meant I had to encounter a teacher who thought that I wasn’t going to amount to anything just because my hair was a different color.
“Partner up!” he said, looking at all of us. He frowned when he saw me.
I had no friends in this class; because I hung out with Adrien, I was automatically a loser. Not that I cared, but I felt like a misfit when no one wanted to be my partner. So I sat at my desk while Mr. Hun held a smug smile on his face when I was the only one without a partner.
The door opened. A girl that everyone knew walked in. She had just switched to this class, because someone had been stalking her first semester so she switched. The story was widely known and the stalker was arrested. Her name was Kathlyn Torres, and was a pretty good a
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The Only Exception Chapter 5
Chapter 5
“You look so beautiful!” my mother announced. She hadn’t even been in the house for a minute and she was already getting on my nerves. Dad made me greet her and Adrien was in the kitchen with him, making dinner. I had to see her alone.
I rolled my eyes and reluctantly hugged. She didn’t notice a thing, thankfully. Then she saw my hair.
“What happened? You hair was a pretty blond!”
I heard Adrien snicker and sent a glare towards the kitchen. Well, he cheered up quickly. Mom continued.
“It was so long, too. Why’d you cut it? Your hair was your pride and joy!”
“Mom,” I interrupted. “Things changed.”
She shut up quickly, finally noticing my less than happy mood. She examined my face, looked around, looked at my clothes--scratch that, she glared--and finally let out a huff of disappointment.
“I honestly thought living with your father would do you some good,” she said. My eyebrows turned down
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The Only Exception Chapter 4
Chapter 4
It was a while later, and Bailey asked me out. Then he had the nerve to insult Adrien. So I slapped him. Valentine’s Day was on the way, and every one was all lovey-dovey, including Adrien, who had a girlfriend named Alexa. She was rather pretty, with big blue eyes and brown hair. Of course, she was a scene girl, the type of girl that Adrien was interested in.
I, of course, was alone. It didn’t bother me as much as it usually did because I was busy the whole V-Day weekend. I had to help my dad settle--he got a new job as an at-home accountant--and then I still had to finish unpacking my room. It’d been about four months since we’d moved. After that, Dad made me clean up the yard, clean the house, and check the mail to see if I got any acceptance letters.
The Sunday after V-Day, Adrien called.
“Hey,” I said. “What’s up?”
He groaned, and my face twisted in response. Then he groaned again.
“It’s Bailey,” he
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Meh. by kimanimo Meh. :iconkimanimo:kimanimo 0 0 Random Pen Doodle by kimanimo Random Pen Doodle :iconkimanimo:kimanimo 0 0 My Escape by kimanimo My Escape :iconkimanimo:kimanimo 2 7
Character Profile Form (Adrien Faust)
Character Profile Form
   by =Fyuvix, Jul 24, 2006, 9:58:34 AM
   Literature / Characters & Settings / Contemporary / Profiles
Basic Statistics
Name: Adrien Faust
Nickname: Adri, Lime-boy
Meaning of name: N/A
Origin of name: N/A
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Blood type: AB
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Russian and Hawaiian
Race: Caucasian (?)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Current status: Single
Political Party: Undefined
Police/Criminal/Legal record: None
Socioeconomic level as a child: ?
Socioeconomic level as an adult: ?
Birth date: April 19, 1995
Birth place: Oregon
Current residence: He doesn't want anyone to know.
Occupation: Student
Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading, psychology, hanging out with Ash
Talents/Skills/Powers: Exceptional hearing
Past History
Hometown: Portland, OR
First Memory: falling off of a swing set in preschool
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: Father's death
Why/How? He saw his father killed in a botched robbery.
Other memories/events that s
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The Only Exception Chapter 3
Chapter 3
I had lunch with Adrien. While we were eating, we talked a lot about what we expected out of this year. And we talked about random people, too. Then I brought up Bailey.
Adrien had frowned. “He’s a delinquent. Why do you care?”
Shrugging, I answered that I didn’t know him at all and that he sat beside me in class. Adrien shook his head, still frowning at me.
“Don’t mess with him,” he said. “The guy is bad news. Plus, he’s weird. He has no taste in music and I heard that he killed someone.”
I rolled my eyes and ate a french fry, looking around. The cafeteria we were in was relatively small, and students had the option of sitting outside or in the greenhouse. Only about thirty people actually used the cafeteria, so there were only a few chairs around.
“And we’re not weird?” I answered. “Adrien, your hair is green.” When I pointed that out, he smiled.
“I’m awesome.”
I roll
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The Only Exception Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Adrien was the complete opposite of what Dad thought he was. It was kind of sudden, but Adrien and I were considered close by the second week we knew each other. If you asked Dad, I would be over at Adrien’s most of the day.
Adrien wasn’t like other people. In that, I meant that he didn’t care for what people thought, but more what they thought. We were seniors the year we met, and he had wanted to major in psychology. He knew tons about the human brain and emotions, while I basically wanted to draw. My dream was to be a famous singer in a band, and that went hand in hand with drawing. His dream was to be this famous psychologist who wrote famous books. His influence was Sigmund Freud, because he was the father of psychoanalysis.
“Just imagine what we could learn,” he whispered. We were in the library for third period study hall, supposed to be looking up influential people that shaped the world. Of course, Adrien asked for Sigmund. I asked for J
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The Only Exception Chapter 1
Chapter 1
I like riding my skateboard through the park. To me, it seems almost therapeutic. It makes me forget that my mom divorced my dad and threw me out to the wolves. Dad somewhat understands this, and this is why he lets me have my freedom. Yeah. I live with him now. It’s kind of weird, because we never used to talk. Now, we’re living in a semi-warm state where we were having a “new beginning”, as my dad calls it.
So I found this park. Here, where almost no one comes to because they’d much rather be on cell phones or a computer. I like cellphones and computers, but what’s the point of sitting around when there’s nature all around? Yes, I’m sounding like a major tree-hugger here, but I’m not. I couldn’t live without my iPod.
I’m just letting you know a little about myself.
The park was beautiful. Lush green grass and trees, clean sidewalks, a safe play area that was monitored by ever-watchful nannies and parents. The
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Natalia by kimanimo Natalia :iconkimanimo:kimanimo 1 0 My Name is Hope by kimanimo My Name is Hope :iconkimanimo:kimanimo 1 0 Hi Dere by kimanimo Hi Dere :iconkimanimo:kimanimo 0 0
-The Black Prince-Chapter 2
Chapter 2
On the surface, my father looked all nice, innocent even. Only my mother and I knew of his fiery temper, his mood swings when he didn't get what he needed, and his constant pressure in me becoming the family protector. He had too many expectations, and he expected everything to be perfect. He was to be constantly reminded that he was not in Heaven anymore, and then the memory of his fall made him jittery. He cursed Lucifer to death and sometimes took his anger and his fall on me.
He walked into my room and looked around. I didn't bother standing up and I didn't bother hiding the scowl that was fixed on my face. I just simply sat there. He was wearing an all white outfit, with a long cross chain. It made him look nicer than he was. I didn't want to talk to him and I definitely didn't want anything to do with him. That's what made me sick. If he did contact me, it was to do some favor that I knew that I'd have no interest in.
"Hello," he said. He picked up a dagger that was lyi
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-The Black Prince-Chapter 1
Chapter 1
I trudged along the sidewalk. It was cracked, dirty, like some unwashed piece of glass that someone had forgotten about. I was on my way to school, with my worn out backpack and my white t-shirt and grey pants. My hair was uncut and went down past my shoulders. I couldn't put it in a ponytail—seriously, who came up with that name?—because my sisters had used all of them and broken all of them. But it didn't matter to me, I was used to it. As the youngest of three, and the only boy, I had to ask my sisters for things like ponytail holders. It made me feel sick to think about it.
When I looked up, I was at the school gates. The school, which was located in some part of Montana, looked like a Gothic castle, all black and adorned with shadows. There were security guards at every corner, looking around and talking into microphones. The gates were pointy and looked menacing; that was the only scary thing about it. Kids milled around, laughing at jokes and whatnot. It didn
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The Lost Princess (Temp. Title) Chapter 2 Pt. 2
I stared up at the college. University of Monia, or MU, was our state college. My mythology class was on a field trip here to listen to a lecture on the myths surrounding the creation (and sudden appearance) of myths to begin with. The lecturer was a man named Jose Hayes, and he was the leading mythology expert known. He'd written a book on El Dorado, Pandora's Box, Greek mythology, and other types of subjects to do with the supernatural.
I didn't really care. As long as I could get out of assignments and classes at school, then I was great. Mom and Dad didn't really approve of the field trip, because of the fact that I was one of these "mythological" beings, but Lillian, who was my new best friend, convinced them otherwise. She said that it's perfectly illogical to say that I couldn't go, because who would believe it if Dad wrote "My daughter is an elf, and she may learn more about her heritage than is needed"? I didn't have to work (I got the job at the book store), and Mom and Dad d
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F MY LIFE by Ry-Spirit F MY LIFE :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 2,536 300
Free Painting Programs :) (updated Mar. 12)
Hi there, finally! I've done all folio for institution!
My routine and work ethics is back again ! Yeah.
I really apologize for my absent.. T_T
I will catch up everything as soon as possible.
- - - - - -
This journal I decided to make it helpful. (hopefully)  ^^
If you like to paint digitally, it doesn't matter what program you are using.
As long as it is functional enough for you, and you enjoy painting when you use it. ^^
I love to try all painting programs, it's like exploring!
Though we already know that Photoshop, Painter and Sai are great, but there are free ones
that good enough to create artwork as beautiful as those programs. ^^
Many times that I randomly posted about them but this time I want to collect them all here!
So it will be convenient for you all to check and compare them.
What I can say is that I'm grateful and appreciate those creators who spent their time and hard working and share them to us.
That's why I want to support and share them to you all!
I will
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Kaboom by KatarinaMaline Kaboom :iconkatarinamaline:KatarinaMaline 94 15 Icecream LOVE by Eikomi Icecream LOVE :iconeikomi:Eikomi 489 100 Red Sea Koi Dragon Fused Glass Necklace by FusedElegance Red Sea Koi Dragon Fused Glass Necklace :iconfusedelegance:FusedElegance 201 30 Owl Tattoo Design by Lucky978 Owl Tattoo Design :iconlucky978:Lucky978 2,104 90 sun and moon by 6vladimira6 sun and moon :icon6vladimira6:6vladimira6 126 13
- Red Light District - 29 -
Dawson’s POV
It had been nearly a week since that idiotic soldier had tried to kill my father’s experiment and in turn let the beast go. Death had not been slow enough for the man. If only I had been the one that was allowed to him. A little disease here. A simple virus there. Many more years of life, but every single moment left in complete agony! A simple death just didn’t seem right to me.
Though… I lifted one of the small vials that I had and looked at the thick red liquid. It was T-43710:N’s blood. It was all that I needed to find the beast. His nanites were still pulsing the very frequency that was pulsing through his body and that cursed son of mine. How was it that it was my son that was with the creature! Why had I thought to not tamper with his genetic code?
It had always caused me such headache. The boy could never do what he was supposed to do. He was always tripping over himself and just caused heartache for my wife. Because she couldn
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Ace - Kimanimo by Bambi-Hawkins Ace - Kimanimo :iconbambi-hawkins:Bambi-Hawkins 2 12 I do want to leave you breathless by KiyuMiyu I do want to leave you breathless :iconkiyumiyu:KiyuMiyu 3,247 423 Well I think you're special by PANS0L0 Well I think you're special :iconpans0l0:PANS0L0 866 72
Please read.
Back whenever I started hitting the front page of DeviantArt, abit after I'd turned fourteen I admit that my ego popped up a notch. And not just one, mind you. No I was both surprised and in awe that some kid like me could end up taking up space in a place where only masterpieces and loved pieces were seen. And honestly, it stuck out like a sore thumb because seriously, My art isn't that good. I was blindfolded by pride in belief that I could actually go somewhere with what I had. But after awhile, pressure began to set in and I felt that more was expected of me and I couldn't meet those expectations. I'd never been exposed to constructive or negative criticism before that point; so I admit full heartedly that I acted out of line and childishly. Which led to people being angry and hurt by my stupidity, and I am sorry. It should have never happened, and I promise that it won't ever again.
So as time pressed on, I began to get desperate,
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Another ANGEL WIP by Washu-M Another ANGEL WIP :iconwashu-m:Washu-M 908 80 Present Day Beauty by KayDenise Present Day Beauty :iconkaydenise:KayDenise 2 3 Day 3: Rainbow Cocktail by xXDArtistxX Day 3: Rainbow Cocktail :iconxxdartistxx:xXDArtistxX 17 9


Well, I made a new account. I decided that this one would be for writing and the other would be my drawings, so I'm basically deleting all of my art and transferring it to the other account. (So if any of my few watchers follow, they would know that this isn't art theft or something like that) This account link:

I only have like one piece up there right now, but all of the other drawings (except for the ones from - those will be deleted) from this account will go onto that account.

Thank you for reading this if you did :iconthankyouplz:


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I love writing and drawing, of course. I'm a person of many likes, I'm a person who accepts you no matter what, and I love different cultures. I'm on KidPub, which is a writing website, and my name up there is FantasyAddict(Kadelyn). Hope you enjoy my my work!! :3

My bestie is up here!


Follow her! Her art is awesome and I love it. :3

I joined this website because I wanted to improve my skills, and so far, it's working, thanks to all the inspiration.

Oh and PLEASE. If you like my work, don't just favorite it, comment. I want to know what I did wrong and all that fun-happy stuff, and that you appreciate what I have to offer.



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